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Orcars is a new taxi startup, which was created with the expertise and support of a number of individuals with extensive experience in the IT industry and taxi trade. We founded Orcars because we feel that both the public and the drivers using taxi services in Milton Keynes deserve more than they’re getting from traditional companies, which we feel have fallen by the wayside and failed to keep up with the demands of modern life. What’s more, taxi companies with customers who have been loyal to them for years are failing to reward that loyalty.

We think people deserve more, and we’re here to do things differently. We think great service, safety, and reliability should be a given – we offer all of these things, matching – often exceeding – the quality of services provided by existing, traditional taxi companies, but going one step further and rewarding customer loyalty.

When you book a ride with Orcars, you know you will be looked after.

meet some of our drivers

  • Omar


    Omar has been a taxi driver for over 25 years. He loves the variety of people he drives on a day to day basis, and getting an insight into their lives. Omar joined Orcars as he had grown fed up of constantly collecting frustrated and angry customers who had been let down by his previous company.

    “Sometimes being the biggest isn’t the best. I really like the ethos at Orcars. Customers appreciate the service we are providing, and are responding well, which leaves me feeling much more satisfied at the end of my shift.”

  • Mikael


    Mikael moved from overseas to live and work in the UK, and worked for one of our competitors for five years, before growing frustrated with bearing the brunt of the poor infrastructure and organisation, which was having a real impact on his work. He really values the app system, which makes it easier for him to complete and track his jobs, and move swiftly on to the next.

    “I’m much happier at Orcars. There’s no wasted time or bad communication. The cars are really great quality and much more comfortable, and everything runs seamlessly, which means my customers are happier, and I’m happier.”

  • Dave


    Dave has been driving taxis for almost 40 years, and used to drive a black cab in London, but relocated to Milton Keynes for a less hectic life, and a friendlier working environment. He loves chatting with customers while getting them from A to B.

    “Compared to being a cabbie in the capital, working for Orcars is a whole different story. I love chatting with the customers, something no one ever had time for in London. The focus on customer service means that the whole experience of driving someone is more personable and enjoyable for myself and for my customer.”

  • driver image


    Orcars is an app-based taxi company, offering unrivalled ease of booking and payment, and enabling riders to track their journey door to door. This safe and convenient way of booking and paying for taxis provides peace of mind, and confidence in the service you receive, each and every time – an essential for modern life.

  • driver image


    Our fleet of branded cars are easily recognised, and our friendly professional drivers are highly trained in excellent customer care. Our loyal customers will earn reward miles, which can be exchanged for ride credit, meaning Orcars is also a cost-efficient as well as cash-free and convenient taxi service.

Simply open the app, book your journey, and let Orcars take care of the rest.

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a unique taxi company

“A unique taxi company introduced in the unique way unlike any other taxi companies in the town. it gives the customers ultimate benefits... Why do you still wait? just give it a try.. never know until you try it...”- Harun Ilj